I have maintained a Moodle site here at Arkansas Tech since Fall of 2005. I have installed the Moodle system more than 25 times on systems as far away as Utah and Kentucky. From Fall 2005 until Summer 2010 I maintained the Moodle system on a computer in my office. I have installed Moodle on Windows Server, OpenSolaris, Ubuntu, CentOS and Red Hat. These systems were installed on top of ESXi (Hypervisor) on a two processor Opterion server in my office. This allowed for quick work when dealing with backups. These backups were accomplished via snapshots, therefore, the entire operating system was saved during these backups. My system in currently installed off campus on a Centos system due to campus network issues. I have generated my on campus courses as well as several continuing education courses on the system.

My Student’s web site is located here